On the estate between the Kocher and Jagst valleys

The farm Ruckhardtshausen is located on a ridge between the valleys of Kocher and Jagst. The estate, which is over 150 years old, has extensive land, large trees near its forest with fruit and wine nearby for those who visit. You can explore the area on well-maintained hiking and biking trails or take a trip to the small towns in the immediate vicinity of Hof Ruchardt Hausen, which are easily accessible by car. The pitches at Hof Schwarzenbach are located right next to one of the many fields, where you can sit back and admire the sunrise over the beautiful landscape of the Hohenlohe district¹

On the estate between the Kocher and Jagst valleysÖhringen

Many paths lead to inner peace. Most of them directly through nature. You can try this out particularly well at the Ruckardtshausen farm in the Hohenlohe region. The farm is located on a ridge between...

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