Ostrich farm & living farm, quiet pitch in the middle #4

Dear Campers, It's time for you to experience the wonder and excitement of alpaca camping! The campsite will be located on our farm. You can access the animals at any time; it's a safe area with only natural sounds - not even the animals make themselves known until they feel like it. There are many beautiful bike trails that run along rivers and valleys that you can explore while camping here, as well as an amazing natural swimming pool in Freystadt called the Lion's Tail Pool that offers free admission during the summer months. We also have an Alpacaland Farm Shop full of goodies, including ice cream made with fresh milk straight from our alpacas! This could turn out to be an epic adventure¹

Ostrich farm & living farm, quiet pitch in the middle #4Freystadt

Dear Alpaca Campers,
the campsite is located directly on our ostrich farm/live farm.
Access to the animals is possible at any time. It is a fenced, very quiet site - only the animals check in from tim...

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Suitable for Motorhomes and Caravan

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