Farm camping in beautiful landscape #2

You want to experience the great outdoors? Spend time alone and enjoy life as it should be, without distractions. Get back in touch with nature at our campsite, where you can use a barbecue, ping pong table and playground, or rent one of our large cabins for up to 25 people! We're located right next to an organic farm that sells fresh produce from its fields, while hiking trails await you just outside the camp's gates. Forget city life; come and get away from all those worries by exploring new places, like medieval villages nearby or fish-rich lakes waiting patiently near mountain peaks accessible only through hard-earned sweat - or even try climbing them yourself if bouldering is more your thing!¹

Farm camping in beautiful landscape #2Adelmannsfelden

Arrive - Feel good - Enjoy
On our small but well-equipped campsite opposite the farm in the middle of unspoilt countryside you can really enjoy your time out from everyday life. On the site you can us...

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Suitable for Motorhomes and Caravan

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