The mountain road

Highlights and camper pitches

The mountain road - Highlights

It is home to many castles, palaces and gardens. You'll find everything from medieval fortresses to 18th-century parks and English-style gardens. You'll also find 18th-century castles and English-style gardens. You can also experience some of the best wine in all of Germany!

There is a lot to discover. We have selected the best sights and cycling and hiking destinations for you:

Heppenheim old town

The old town of Heppenheim is one of the most beautiful and historic places in all of Germany. It houses many cafes, bistros and stores that are perfect for people who want to enjoy themselves on a nice day. Here you can also find an old town hall from 1609 and some other historical buildings.

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Auerbach Castle

Auerbach Castle is one of the most important castles in Germany. It was built by the Counts of Hohenlohe and has been in their possession ever since. The castle is located on a hill above Zwingenberg, which was once an important customs station on the mountain road. Today it is open for tours and offers a breathtaking view over the Rhine Valley from its terrace.


The Felsberg is the perfect place to see Frankfurt from afar. It is also a popular destination for hikers, mountain bikers and paragliders alike. At the 515-meter summit, you can even enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

Neunkircher Höhe - Kaiserturm

Kaiserturm is a restaurant on the mountain road that offers delicious cake and a great view. It's worth it!

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Blue turret

The Blue Tower is an old tower built in 1910. It is located near Bensheim and was part of an English landscape garden created in the 19th century. It was laid out in the 19th century. Nowadays it is a popular place for hikers and families with children.


The Kirchberghäuschen is a small, one-room house on the top of a hill. It was built by some wealthy citizens of Bensheim and inaugurated in 1857. After its opening, it became a popular destination for people from all over Europe to enjoy the beautiful view of the Rhine Valley. You can still visit it today!

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