The Middle Rhine

Highlights and camper pitches

The Middle Rhine - Highlights

It is one of the most beautiful and historic regions in Europe, with castles, vineyards and medieval towns to explore.

There is a lot to discover. We have selected the best sights and cycling and hiking destinations for you:

Rhine promenade Remagen

The Rhine promenade is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. It offers a variety of attractions, such as the old town with its historic buildings and monuments, the castle ruins on the hilltop or the many cafes and restaurants in this popular tourist destination.

The Middle Rhine - A possible pitch?

German Corner and Kaiser Wilhelm Monument

You can explore the German Corner, the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument and many other sights on this tour. It's a great way to get out of your routine and see new things!

Rheinstein Castle

The castle has been in our family since 1823 and we are proud to share it with visitors from all over the world. We offer guided tours of the castle grounds, wine tastings and more!


It is great for cycling, hiking and sightseeing. Along this route you can see castles, vineyards and medieval towns. There are also many opportunities to put your feet in the water!

The Middle Rhine - A possible pitch?

Erpeler Ley

The Erpeler Ley is the perfect place to explore and enjoy nature. We offer hiking, biking, climbing and more! There are also many different types of accommodations to choose from. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure with your friends, we have something to suit your needs.


The Middle Rhine Valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany. It is home to some of Europe's best vineyards, castles and ancient towns. And it's just a short drive from Koblenz!

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