Winery Hirn & HUNDERTWASSER article #2

Heckewirtschaft is a small, idyllic place at the foot of the vineyard slopes with breathtaking views of the Main Valley. Wine tastings are free and there is no better place in all of Germany to enjoy top wines that have been awarded gold and silver medals from the DLG Bundesweinprämierung. Why not stop by? The Hecken-Wirtschaft welcomes many visitors each year who come here to simply taste their iced grape juice or to participate in one of their art workshops that they offer on a regular basis!¹

Winery Hirn & HUNDERTWASSER article #2Eisenheim

Quiet location - idyllically situated - nestled at the foot of the slopes of the vineyards with views over the Main Valley
Wine tasting free of charge top wines awarded with gold and silver medals- be...

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