Wengerters Winzerstube & Winzerscheune #3

On the outskirts of Klingenberg-Röllfeld you will find our family-run winery in a picturesque hillside location. Our winery is perfect for wine lovers who want to enjoy fine wines with a fantastic view from our trellis terrace over the picturesque Main Valley and the foothills of the Odenwald in Germany. We serve asparagus dinners from April through June; goose dinners are available from November through December! These special dishes always pair well with one of Wengerter Winzerscheune's award-winning wines, such as Pinot Blanc or Riesling Grand Cru Ommergau Schlossberg Trockenbeerenauslese, which set us apart from other restaurants in the Munich area.¹

Wengerters Winzerstube & Winzerscheune #3Klingenberg am Main

On the outskirts of Klingenberg-Röllfeld you will find our farm with "Wengerter Winzerstube" in an idyllic location. Enjoy noble wines and fine meals with a wonderful view from our vine-covered terrac...

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