Vision in the garden nursery Engelhrdt

Dear nature and garden lovers, our farm store is open for you. In the midst of the gardens you can unfold, along with animals to touch, an on-site playground, watering holes for children, and an old-fashioned fire pit where we light a fire every evening during the winter months (weather permitting). There are also many things that could be considered "old-fashioned" but are still found almost everywhere - such as electricity available 24/7, although it may not power the whole house or large outdoor appliances; water supply at all times, so you don't have to walk long distances just because someone forgot their car keys; toilets within easy reach without having to stop at a gas station! The historic old town is only a few kilometers away by bike and easy enough to visit¹

Vision in the garden nursery EngelhrdtDinkelsbühl

Dear friends of nature and garden

With us you can unfold in the middle of the garden nursery.
There is a fireplace, water to play with, animals to touch, a playground and much more.

Our farm store i...

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