Vision and tranquility #3

Dear Alpaca Campers, Here you can let off steam in the middle of our nursery with fire pit and space for water games. There are animals to touch, playgrounds available and more! Our farm store is open so you can stock up on healthy snacks or other necessities before heading into town. The historic Old Town is just an easy bike ride from here - it's full of churches worth seeing and stores with handmade goods just waiting for you to buy! For those who want to relax after work, this place is just right - stroll through gorgeous roses, blooming perennials and fragrant herbs; take some time out with your loved ones without any obligations!¹

Vision and tranquility #3Dinkelsbühl

Dear AlpacaCamper

Here you can unfold in the middle of the garden nursery
There is a fireplace, water to play with, animals to touch, a playground
and much more.

Our farm store is open for you.
The ...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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