Vision and tranquility #2

Dear AlpacaCamper, come to our farm in the heart of Bavaria! Here you can enjoy yourself with friends and family to your heart's content. There's a fireplace where families can warm up on cold winter days or cozy up on summer evenings. You can play with the water and touch animals like donkeys, horses and sheep (depending on the season). The playground has swings for everyone from toddlers to teens, so there's something for every age group! We also have an old town nearby with many historic buildings, some of which are centuries old - a perfect destination for a day trip that you can bike to when you're not visiting. Of course¹

Vision and tranquility #2Dinkelsbühl

Dear AlpacaCamper

Here you can unfold in the middle of the garden nursery
There is a fireplace, water to play with, animals to touch, a playground
and much more.

Our farm store is open for you.
The ...

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