Vision and tranquility #1

Dear AlpacaCamper, Alpacacamper Farms has everything you need to enjoy your time away from the city. You can walk through our beautiful gardens and have fun touching all of our animals, including water! We also offer many other activities for children, such as playgrounds and campfires, which are sure to please anyone vacationing with their family. For those who prefer to stay inside, we offer electricity so you'll never lose power when it gets dark outside while staying in one of our cozy cottages on the lake.¹

Vision and tranquility #1Dinkelsbühl

Dear AlpacaCamper

Here you can unfold in the middle of the garden nursery
There is a fireplace, water to play with, animals to touch, a playground
and much more.

Our farm store is open for you.
The ...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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