Square close to nature on the outskirts of Weimar

You ARE in the country and that means that every now and then you can see bugs, animals like deer, wild boar or wolves. It also means that you need a flashlight at night to go home after dinner with friends. A car is not necessary for all these reasons, but recommended if you're traveling outside of Weimar on weekends, as there is little public transportation (and cute villages worth exploring). The garden itself offers privacy without being isolated - perfect for some peace and quiet when you need it, while still being able to enjoy the amenities of the city, which are only a 20 minute walk away! Hi Micha. I was wondering about your large garden near Weimar? Is there already an electricity connection there? Is there also a water supply via a well, as normal people did a long time ago, before there were¹

Square close to nature on the outskirts of WeimarWeimar

Hello! I offer a large garden on the outskirts of Weimar. To the city center of Weimar you walk about 20 minutes. The garden is very close to nature, which means unfortunately only limited electricity...

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