Orchard in the Warnetal

Locals will tell you that Gielde is one of the most beautiful villages in this part of Germany, and it's not hard to see why. If you're looking for a place with beautiful scenery nearby where you can barbecue with your family on sunny weekends or cool off on hot summer days, Gielde is the place for you. Located directly on the southern edge near the nature-rich Oder Forest (the Lower Saxon name translates to "Elder Forest"), there are many shady spots among our cherry, apple, and plum trees, as well as many nut-bearing fruits such as hazelnuts. The 2000sqm orchard offers hours of views thanks to its¹

Orchard in the WarnetalGielde

Our pitch is located in the orchard of our farm.
Between our cherry-, apple-, plum- and nut trees you can always find a shady place.
The 2000sqm large orchard is located directly at the edge of the fi...

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