Quiet meadow with far view of fields and goat pasture #1

For those looking for a little more adventure in their alpaca camp, we offer hikes and bike rides through the famous Wendland villages. For those who want to stay close by, but still need some amenities while exploring the countryside, our farm is just 100 meters from your meadow campsite, where restrooms are also available! Aside from enjoying nature to the fullest (and taking advantage of all the beautiful scenery) on the expansive grounds of the Rundling village of Bausen, there are plenty of other things you can do here: Spend time browsing goat breeds and meats; snuggle up next to one of our friendly goats or sheep; buy homemade dairy products made from fresh goat milk - like cheese, yogurt and soap.¹

Quiet meadow with far view of fields and goat pasture #1Clenze

Hello dear AlpacaCamper,

your pitch on a meadow surrounded by fields, goat pasture and trees is the perfect starting point for a hike or a bike ride through the famous Rundlings villages. Our Rundlin...

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