Peace and nature in Hochstätten #2

Here you are in the middle of our organic winery, a family business that has been around for over 150 years. We are dedicated to producing natural wines with delicate fruit and mineral flavors that are steadily gaining international recognition because we care about what goes into each bottle. You can explore your surroundings on foot or by bike - we have beautiful trails that wind through the countryside dotted with vineyards where locals make a living, from harvesting grapes to raising livestock with sheep and cattle, as well as providing fresh produce like tomatoes, apples and apricots when they are harvested during the summer months! Here you are in the midst of nature on an organic winery built more than 100 years ago; it is one of only three traditional wineries left in all of¹

Peace and nature in Hochstätten #2Hochstätten

Here you stand in the middle of the area of our organic winery. The pitches are quietly located in the middle of nature and yet in the village. You can use our pool in the summer and just relax with u...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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