Orchard near our farm #3

Dear Alpacamper, We are so glad you found us! We hope we can offer your family a great stay. Located right on the mountain in Franconian Switzerland, with beautiful views of rolling hills and picturesque villages - no wonder our farm was loved by generations before yours. This is where the old world meets the conveniences of modern day life: right after breakfast one morning, I watched my daughter chase her little brother up to the tree house while my mom took care of some things outside.... I'll never forget that moment when they both cheered after reaching the top platform! "Daddy," she said as she ran back down from her feat, grinning up to her ears.... "can't wait till dinner¹

Orchard near our farm #3Waischenfeld

Hello Alpacamper,

we welcome you to our fruit meadow at our farm.
We offer a daily bread service (except Sunday).
Our farm is located directly on the mountain in the beautiful Franconian Switzerland....

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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