Nature & far view in incomparable location "Entrance" #2

Hello Alpacas. I bet you are already looking forward to a nice relaxing trip after a hard week of work and school. You'll find pure nature at our campsite with pitches in the middle of greenery, surrounded by trees on various pitches across pleasant meadows, located right at the gates of the climatic health resort of Bischofsgrün! If we may take your word for it, there is not much more natural than this! Sanitary facilities are available if needed - just ask us or pay a little extra when you check out (but don't worry, because all the necessary amenities like grocery stores and drink markets are nearby). You can also make many great trips from¹

Nature & far view in incomparable location "Entrance" #2Bischofsgrün

Hello Alpacas,

Here you will find pure nature on a huge area. You will find your pitch in the middle of the green on different spots on a meadow surrounded by trees. You are outside the climatic heal...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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