Nature & far view in incomparable location "Entrance".

Hello, alpacas! Have you ever seen an animal that resembles a llama? If not, then do your best to catch a glimpse of the alpaca. One of these creatures is here in this green meadow, waiting for you and other adventurers like you, as they look forward to being petted by visitors on their furry coats, which will make them so happy inside. Come with us out into nature, where we can find our own campsite surrounded by trees in the spa town of Bischofsgrün just outside Bayreuth or even the Czech Republic if you want, because both places are not so far from each other, because everything seems so close when you camp near such animals that give you¹

Nature & far view in incomparable location "Entrance".Bischofsgrün

Hello Alpacas,

Here you will find pure nature on a huge area. You will find your pitch in the middle of the green on different spots on a meadow surrounded by trees. You are outside the climatic heal...

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