Natural pitch on the edge of the forest

Many people enjoy spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of life in a motorhome or caravan. For those who are looking for even more privacy and seclusion, there is a small nature site for self-sufficient motorhomes, which is located directly on a country road and is therefore easy to reach, but is still idyllic and quiet and offers a wonderful view over the flat countryside. In our small forest farming village on the edge of the Colbitzer Letzlinger Heide you can walk undisturbed with your dog, go on long hikes or just relax and enjoy the breathtaking landscape. If that's not enough adventure, you can bike along the Tangier River near villages like Burg near Magdeburg to explore wildlife habitats, such as marshes rich in birdsong¹

Natural pitch on the edge of the forest39517 Tangerhütte OT Schernebeck

A small natural site for self-sufficient motorhomes or caravans located directly on a country road for easy access, but still idyllic and quiet with wonderful views over the flat land.
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