Farm in Hermaringen #1

We offer a unique vacation experience with beautiful views and unlimited activities. Guests can participate in feeding the animals, petting them or just enjoying their company on our farm where they can roam freely without cages! After spending at least ten minutes exploring nature from inside an alpaca, guests can see firsthand how we care for these adorable creatures, as well as all of our other farm animals: cows, horses.... Our Swabian Alb is not only known for offering visitors countless hiking opportunities, but also for having numerous excursion destinations like Legoland Günzburg (only an hour away!), the Steiff Museum Giengen and the Charlottenhöhle cave waiting for you around every corner - don't miss your chance¹

Farm in Hermaringen #1Hermaringen

Hello Alpacas,

Relax, get some fresh air and simply enjoy nature? Then you are right with us:
Our farm is located quietly and in a sunny location in the midst of nature.
There is much to discover and...

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