Camping on the Fallesmühle #3

Falles Mill is a place steeped in history. It has been privately owned for centuries and has seen generations come and go. The miller at the time was known for baking delicious Franconian bread - until recently! But even now, you can't miss it as you look out over the green wheat fields that stretch as far as your eye can see - not to mention the fresh air that blows from the nearby forests into this picturesque place with every breath of wind.¹

Camping on the Fallesmühle #3Donnersdorf

The Falles Mill:
The first official record of the Fallesmühle dates back to the 1600's. The mill, fields and forests have been in the family for several generations. Even a few years ago, delicious, o...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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