By the stream on meadow

The pitch is located on a meadow next to the stream. The pitch can only be accessed by off-road vehicles, which should park as perpendicularly as possible on the dirt road. The tall grass can make it difficult for larger cars and trucks if they are not careful to park perpendicular to cross their axle onto the side with the high, embanked edge of the path - this will prevent them from sinking into the ground when wet (if you book in advance, I can mow though)! The course itself is suitable for all sizes of vehicles, except heavier vehicles like vans or large SUVs that might get stuck because you can't get around the tires sinking deep enough into the wet soil, even if you realize how hard you're driving over the surface!¹

By the stream on meadowWiesentheid

Pitch located in a meadow by a stream. Access via a dirt road.
Only suitable for off-road vehicles.
Please park directly next to the path (at right angles to the path) on the meadow - not further insi...

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Suitable for Motorhomes and Tents

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¹ This text was generated by machine and may contain errors. The description on AlpacaCamping applies.