By the stream in meadow #2

The campsite is located on a beautiful meadow next to the creek, where you can pitch your tent right next to it. A dirt road leads up here and the pitches are big enough for all vehicles - unless they are heavy ones! I recommend parking with the drive axle of your vehicle on the side of the trail in wet weather (or even in dry weather) to avoid sinking into the tall grasses or muddy ground near the banks. The scenery changes depending on the season, but there is always something breathtaking about this place that is worth coming back for all the driving time from the city.¹

By the stream in meadow #2Wiesentheid

Pitch located in a meadow by a stream. Access via a dirt road.
Only suitable for off-road vehicles.
Please park directly next to the path (at right angles to the path) on the meadow - not further insi...

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Suitable for Motorhomes and Tents

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