Brocken panorama #2

I have always loved the mountains in Germany. The sound and smell of fresh air, a gentle breeze blowing through the trees as they sway with the leaves and appreciate the beauty of nature - it just fills you up inside. Our farm is nestled in what we call "the green Arabia," which means that our meadows are sprawling fields full of life that stretch to the horizon line, where they merge into an endless sea-blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds that float lazily over its surface, like memories of childhood dreams long forgotten but never quite lost or erased. Here at home, I can see the town of Vienenburg, past the beautiful Brocken; if I listen closely, I can sometimes hear children's laughter on this granite fortress high above my head¹

Brocken panorama #2Goslar

Hello Alpacas,

I have a small meadow at my farm with a view of Vienenburg and the beautiful Brocken.
You can hike in our valleys of the rivers Radau and Oker or to the Harlyturm, plan an extensive bi...

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