Brocken panorama #1

Alpacas, the fluffy creatures with long necks and big ears, are not only found in Peru. They also live on my farm! I have a small meadow on my farm that looks out on Vienenburg and the beautiful Brocken. You can hike for hours through our river valleys like the Radau or the Oker, bike through the foothills of the Harz, and visit all kinds of places from the Harlyturm to gravel ponds like the one on the Kalte Bode, which is right next to some really cool caves you might want to explore too - if spelunking sounds exciting enough, that's right up your alley ;) I'm sure there will be many more adventures waiting for us, but until then, we're enjoying the time we spend cuddled up together¹

Brocken panorama #1GS

Hello Alpacas,

I have a small meadow at my farm with a view of Vienenburg and the beautiful Brocken.
You can hike in our valleys of the rivers Radau and Oker or to the Harlyturm, plan an extensive bi...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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