Berta Beach #2

Dear Alpaca Wild Campers, Welcome to the historic farm "Sleeping Beauty", where you will find a quiet place, right on the edge of this beautiful forest. In only 3 minutes walking distance you will find the Wellertal, which invites you with its unique atmosphere to relax and to take unforgettable walks at any time of the year! Within 20 minutes walking distance from our house you will find picturesque cafes as well as an ice cream parlor or outlet stores for all your shopping needs - even when it's cold outside! Right from Silberbach (only 4km) - not too far away, but still with everything you need - is Selb, where there are festivals and events all year round, such as outdoor pools and skating rinks in the summer. You will also never want¹

Berta Beach #2Selb

Dear Alpaca Wild Campers,

we welcome you to a small historic farmhouse, which is currently in a slumber.
Here you will find a quiet place, directly on the edge of the forest, with a pond and a beauti...

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Suitable for Motorhomes and Tents

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