Beautiful summer meadow on the Weschnitz #1

When you want to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this meadow on Weschnitz Creek is your answer. Thanks to the tall trees that screen the property in all directions, you'll have a gorgeous view for days without having to worry about wind or rain. Plus, you'll have plenty of space - just pick where you want to pitch your tent! If that's not enough peace and quiet for you, Heppenheim (2 km away) offers plenty of opportunities to relax when it's time for dinner or shopping at the nearby ReweCenter. Land am Bach offers an escape like no other, without having to worry when the weather turns bad, because there are so many places to retreat to when the weather is bad, while¹

Beautiful summer meadow on the Weschnitz #1Heppenheim

Beautiful wind-protected meadow property directly on the cozy Weschnitz creek.
Protected by wild bushes and the dam to the Weschnitz make a stay a sunny, and relaxing experience. The area is generous ...

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