At the winery with evening red #1

The sun sets behind the vineyard and you can see a thousand stars in the sky. In many cities, it's hard to find such beautiful views of nature because people are so used to city life that they don't appreciate what's right outside their front door: A mystical world with chirping birds and a million shining lights overhead! The natural darkness brings us closer together at our campsite as we bring out bottles of wine for an evening under the stars. This magical experience will always be remembered by all who come here - never mind that it may only happen once in a lifetime, but definitely worth every second spent under those twinkling constellations¹

At the winery with evening red #1Bergtheim

Sunsets deluxe and the stars within reach! The distance to the village and the non-existent street lighting bring us very little light smog. Many people are no longer used to this in everyday life. So...

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Suitable for Motorhomes and Caravan

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