At the winery in Brackenheim #1

Hello AlpacaCamper! One of the most beautiful views in this region is the one that spreads out before you on a clear day. You can see all the way to our vineyards, where we grow many grape varieties, including Trollinger and Lemberger. In addition to these two wines, I would like to mention a few others: Samtrot and Muskat-Trollinger for those who prefer dry wine (and also as Secco); Riesling or Gewürztraminer if you want it to be sweet; sparkling wine made from Riesling for sparkling wine lovers; grape juice, which we produce right here at Sondershausen Castle - we have something for almost every taste! If you want¹

At the winery in Brackenheim #1Brackenheim

Hello AlpacaCamper!

The site is very quiet with a great view of the vineyards.
You will find with us great red wines on which our region has specialized.
In addition to Trollinger and Lemberger, we a...

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