The Franconian Forest

Highlights and camper pitches

The Franconian Forest - Highlights

The Franconian Forest is a low mountain range in the northeast of Germany. It is home to many different wild animals, including deer and wild boars. You can also find some great hiking trails here that are perfect for an afternoon stroll or a day hike with friends.

There is a lot to discover. We have selected the best sights and cycling and hiking destinations for you:

🚂 Former Lichtenberg train station

The Frankenwald Nature Park is one of the largest nature parks in Germany and offers an amazing variety of landscapes. It has something for everyone - from hiking and biking trails to lakes, forests, meadows and fields. And it's all just a short drive away!

⚔️ Rosenberg Fortress

Rosenberg Fortress is one of the best preserved fortresses in Bavaria. It was fortified again and again in the course of its long history and offers its visitors a great view of Kronach from above. On a tour of the fortress grounds, you also have a great view of Franconian Switzerland.

🏛️ Nordeck Castle Ruin

Nordeck Castle Ruin is the perfect place for that. This castle ruin in Franconia, Germany, offers visitors the opportunity to experience history up close while enjoying a beautiful view of the surrounding forest. It is also home to one of the largest beech forests in Europe and has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.


The Röhrensteig is a hiking trail that leads through the Franconian Forest. It is a beautiful place to explore and it is perfect for anyone who loves nature. There are many sights along the way, such as waterfalls and old castles. You can also enjoy delicious food in one of the many restaurants in the city.


It is a perfect place to stop and enjoy the view of this beautiful forest area. There are benches, tables and information boards where you can sit and relax while admiring the scenery.

Prince Luitpold Tower

The tower was built in 1887 and stands at an impressive height of 164 meters. It is one of the highest towers in Germany! From up there you can overlook the entire Frankenwald National Park - that's over 100 kilometers from one end to the other.

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