Vacation in the "Garden of Eden" in the Peene Valley Nature Park

Tent camp under the apple trees. The grounds of Villa Eden Peene have their own access to the river Peene and are accessible by boat for water tourists. The property has a total area of 23,000 square meters and is an experience for nature lovers The history of the "Garden Of Eden" began with its construction in 1778, when it became known as a port of call for lumberjacks who needed wood from the nearby forests on rafts, or boats brought logs from even further upstream, which were then processed into wood chips (chips) at this location. In 1901, the half-timbered house formerly known as "Villa Hedwig" was built and still stands today, not only because people love its history, but also because of¹

Vacation in the "Garden of Eden" in the Peene Valley Nature ParkGützkow

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