Vacation at KlosterGut #3

KlosterGut is a farm in the most beautiful surroundings. There are sheep, chickens, ducks and geese on the premises, so you can enjoy them all while standing among their droppings! We have two dogs here to watch over us while we wander around. If no one else is around, these animals might be your only friends - they're always happy to see new faces! Electricity and bathroom facilities (1 shower) are available at KlosterGut Farm, but if you don't need that, stop by our store where we sell fresh baked goods daily, or drive into town, which has its own stores open 6 days a week and more goodies than any other place¹

Vacation at KlosterGut #3Schlehdorf

The KlosterGut is a farm in a beautiful setting three minutes walk from Lake Kochel. You can stand here with us on the former manure plate directly on the farm with a view into the greenery. With us o...

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