The dreamlike beautiful yard #5

With a beautiful farm in the Hermsdorfer Kreuz, Thuringian Forest and surrounded by the highways A9 & A4, our charming place is only 5 kilometers away. Almost as close are Leipzig, Jena & Weimar, where we can recommend a trip if you want to have a fun time! For those who like to experience nature and animals on vacation, there is no better place than ours, as it is so close to the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in every season - come and see for yourself how much fun life really is!¹

The dreamlike beautiful yard #5Heideland

On the edge of Thuringia in super location, near the Hermsdorfer Kreuz, between A9 & A4, barely 5 kilometers from both highways, lies our wonderful farm.
Protected, quiet and idyllic, but still not bo...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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