Tent / pitch at the mouth of the Elbe f. short holidaymakers

What is a good way to spend your vacation? Why not consider the natural beauty of Brunsbüttel, Germany? With its rolling hills and many vineyards, there are plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery while taking a break from civilization. The Elbe River is just one example (of many) that makes this area so special - enjoy the pristine waters on either side as you head east or west, and take in the views like no other! And if biking isn't your thing, don't worry: history buffs will enjoy castles like Gottorf Castle near Schleswig-Holstein, while nature lovers can explore forests with picturesque cottages all around¹

Tent / pitch at the mouth of the Elbe f. short holidaymakersBrunsbüttel

We offer a few pitches for independent / self-sufficient campers. The areas are directly accessible by motorhome. Additional parking areas are available. Self-sufficiency is expressly required. There ...

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Hinterland, from 15 €

Suitable for Motorhomes, Caravan and Tents

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