Spreewald Bee Farm

We hope you enjoy your time at the Spreewald Bee Farm. We have some animals to count while you sleep, and for a good night's sleep we also play a lullaby of buzzing bees! The village is located right on the Berste River, which flows into the larger Spree River. There are many wonderful hiking trails nearby for visitors to enjoy nature or visit one of our quaint pubs on Friday nights! You may even be lucky enough to see how honey is made right on our doorstep - come and see it all first hand! Are you ready? Whether someone is looking for peace and quiet with nature or excitement in an old-fashioned pub atmosphere, this historic German town has it all to offer¹

Spreewald Bee FarmLuckau

Welcome to the Spreewald Bee Farm! The pitch is directly at the farm. You can hear the bees buzzing and to sleep well, we also have a few sheep that you can count with pleasure.

Otherwise, we enjoy...

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