Pitch up to 3 nights in Prien am Chiemsee

As the sun sets over Lake Chiemsee, make your way to Wastlhof for a night of pure relaxation and natural beauty. The unpaved parking lot is located in one of the most secluded areas of Prien am Chiemsee - between forest and meadow. Situated at the foot of the Kampenwand, you'll enjoy not only the tranquility but also the spectacular views at this charming campsite Up to three nights are possible here, animals are not allowed.¹

Pitch up to 3 nights in Prien am ChiemseePrien am Chiemsee

Wonderfully located, unpaved pitch at the farm store Wastlhof in one of the quietest areas of Prien am Chiemsee. Pure relaxation - between forest and meadow.
Only for self-sufficient campers with mot...

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Hinterland, from 23 €

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