Organic winery at Saaleck Castle

You can camp with us at the wine cellar or among the fruit trees in the immediate vicinity of Saaleck Castle. From our tower you have a great view of the scenic river valley that runs through Franconia and past Hammelburg - this is also one of the largest wine growing areas in Germany! If you're staying the night, you're only 250 meters from everything and can take a 5 km hike along the wine trail that showcases the historic vineyards. If you don't want to stay overnight, but would rather taste wines, you should stop by our vinotheque in the town hall on the market square; we also have an indoor pool if you prefer swimming.¹

Organic winery at Saaleck CastleHammelburg

We have winter break until the end of February, because the meadow becomes too wet.
From March we are looking forward to you again!
You can camp with us at the wine cellar or between the fruit trees i...

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