Orchard meadow at the field #1

If you like peace and quiet, imagine you are on our four-sided farm. The cows are close by when we need some fresh milk or cream to make butter. You can always go to the dairy barn if you want a refreshing treat from one of your favorite parts of the cow - ice cream! There's also plenty of produce that comes just in time for harvest season: Apples, potatoes (or what do they call them here? Kart off the red one?), honey.... Even the eggs come straight from the garden, where the chickens strut around clucking their breakfast. From there it's not far to Frankfurt Oder, where all the city people live who haven't found their way north yet - come visit us this summer¹

Orchard meadow at the field #1Rietz-Neuendorf

Our farm is a four-sided farm with dairy cattle and direct marketing not far from the Spree, the site is on a meadow orchard on the spot with a view of our fields.
In about half an hour you are in Fra...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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