Lusatian Lake Land Pitch

A private meadow with fruit trees is home to this beautiful campsite. You can pick your own strawberries, apples, or any other kind of delicious berries you crave while spending time in a picturesque country setting. The bakery also has all sorts of sweet treats to tempt you with freshly baked bread and pastries A variety of lakes are just a 15-minute bike ride away if you're looking for some swimming action on hot summer days (or cool winter nights!). Day trips can include exploring the old town of Bautzen; Dresden's historic center full of museums like the Zwinger, where paintings from many centuries line the halls; Görlitz's baroque houses - once part of German-speaking Europe¹

Lusatian Lake Land PitchLohsa

The pitch is located on the outskirts of Weißkollm, on a meadow with fruit trees. The fruit can be picked for own consumption. To the bakery it is a 5 min. walk, by bike you can reach various swimming...

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Suitable for Motorhomes

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