Idyllic on the lake Between Hamburg & Lübeck

Lawn for walking and playing on an approximately 14000 sq. ft. property, with a large lake in the middle, surrounded by woods - perfect if you enjoy solitude, but can (occasionally) hear an east wind blowing through from time to time, which only increases as it approaches your isolated location! Pets are welcome here; however, please be aware of our free-range ducks and chickens that sometimes roam freely, so be mindful of not only them, but any other animals you bring with you (and be sure to keep them close!) Electricity and water can be provided if needed, but we recommend bringing enough supplies for self-sufficiency camping.¹

Idyllic on the lake Between Hamburg & LübeckRümpel

Lawn open space on approx. 14000 sqm property incl. large lake. In the middle of the forest - isolated location. Note: however, on some days (east wind) we hear the highway.

Pets are always welcome. ...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Caravan and Tents

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