Hof Treptow - Quality of life in the countryside

The campsite is located on a former farm converted into an open restaurant, nestled in the parkland with duck and fish ponds. The site has barbecue huts adjacent to the beer garden, as well as both catering facilities (restaurant / café), all of which are available from Saturday to Sunday --- but please also note the opening hours online! You'll also find woodland and moorland around the site. The Eider Valley Hiking Trail can be explored from the front door 1 km away on foot or by bike - we recommend trying both trails on foot or by bike for more great nature experiences!¹

Hof Treptow - Quality of life in the countrysideBöhnhusen

The campsite is located on a former farm, which was converted into a restaurant experience embedded in a park landscape, with duck and fish pond, barbecue huts, adjacent beer garden, restaurant / cafe...

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