For black sheep and camping cheese lovers

You're standing on the edge of a forest and feel like you're in some kind of magical tree house. The farm is so close that from your vantage point, it looks like two horses are lazily grazing on an old fence post with sheep pastures behind them. In this idyllic setting, you not only forget all stress, but also gain a new perspective on what really matters - a sense of peace and belonging to something bigger than yourself. The view doesn't stop with the animals, either; outside, rows upon rows of beautiful farm equipment with wooden yards lie behind the gentle slopes beneath green meadows dotted with white, fluffy lambs that look here and there like speckles on¹

For black sheep and camping cheese loversLauta OT Leippe

You stand between forest and meadow in neighborhood with 2 horses on a meadow close to the farm with a view of the sheep pastures. In the back is all sorts of agricultural equipment, the wood yard an...

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