Camping in the western Münsterland

The western Münsterland in Germany is the perfect destination for your next country vacation. You can spend a relaxing stay on our rest farm, right on the German-Dutch border with cows and horses running around nearby. For extra activities, you also have access to fresh organic milk, eggs from free-range chickens (organic), Winterswijk - a popular shopping town just a few kilometers away, and Lake Hilgelo (Meddosee), which has beautiful water sports near Enschede, where there are many family-friendly places within reach, such as the "Family Park" or the Hülshoff Castle Museum - it will be hard not to find fun here!¹

Camping in the western MünsterlandSüdlohn

In the beautiful landscape of the western Münsterland, directly on the German-Dutch border, you can settle on our rest farm in a small forest. At the grove is a cow meadow and a small horse stable.


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