Camping in the cottage garden on the Lower Rhine

We are located in the heart of the nature reserve "Bislicher Meer" Take advantage and enjoy our natural environment. If you don't have your own accommodation with you or just need a place to stay for one night, we offer tent pitches or pitches for small campers. We also provide barbecue facilities, so after a day on two wheels in this picturesque region (or hiking) you can relax by roasting some sausages and unwinding by the fire pit, followed by a soak in the nearby hot tub, washing away all the stiffness that has accumulated during your travels!¹

Camping in the cottage garden on the Lower RhineHamminkeln

In the natural garden of our cottage we offer you a simple and inexpensive place to spend the night: a campsite for hikers and cyclists or a pitch for small campers. (VW buses etc.)
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Hinterland, from 20 €

Suitable for Motorhomes and Tents

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