Between Sauerland and Ruhr

A day of adventure awaits you in Sauerland. Camp in our meadow or in one of the many parking lots nearby, then explore a different trail each morning with your happy rooster Fred as your wake-up call, because he can't help but crow when it's time for breakfast. For lunch, we'll bring you fresh eggs from our chickens that they laid just for us! If all the walking has made you hungry, there are many small restaurants in the area to satisfy your hunger after exploring the local culture in the countryside. At night, you can enjoy an evening under the stars before falling asleep around a cozy campfire surrounded by friends while listening to stories about life here in Germany during these uncertain times¹

Between Sauerland and RuhrBreckerfeld

Camping at the gateway to the Sauerland.
You camp on our meadow or on the paved parking lot in front of the house. Lots of hiking trails (one starts at the house), trails and dams are directly accessi...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Caravan and Tents

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