Agira #2

Imagine standing in the middle of an olive plantation where you can pitch your tent and camp. The area is very quiet due to its rural location, there are no paved roads nearby so there is no noise pollution. There is a secure fenced area for those who feel safer about having their belongings stolen at night while they sleep, as this place is not as prone to crime as many other popular campgrounds! Fresh spring water is available here, providing drinking quality water all day long without you having to pay anything out of your own pocket! The nearest sanitary facilities are 250 meters away, but electricity is provided in case you need electricity on your site even at night until 23:00¹

Agira #2Agira

Idyllic pitches
Quiet location without noise pollution
Fenced secure area
Without asphalt paths and pitches at ground level
In the middle of the olive orchard 5min drive from 94011 Agira

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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