Pitch in Schlößbach #1

The site is located on a former farm in a secluded location. There is no through traffic, but camera sheep, chickens, ducks and cats roam freely over the site! Bread is baked on the property itself every 14 days, and they deliver it to you fresh daily from our bakery. The distance to Waldkirchen or Freyung is about 8km each - both towns have a lot to offer: Indoor swimming pool with Mediterraneum and outdoor pools, climbing forest, various restaurants - all in the immediate vicinity, if not within walking distance? If biking is not your thing, then use the old train line that leads directly to these destinations - the perfect place to discover new people and places all over Bavaria¹

Pitch in Schlößbach #1Waldkirchen

The pitch is located on a former farm in an isolated location. There is no through traffic.

Cows are no longer present, but camera sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits and cats.

On the farm itself bread ...

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