Pitch in Gescher #1

The camper is located in a cornfield and offers milk from the cows, fresh baked goods are only 1.3km away Your bed on our farm - located directly on a tributary of the Heubach: We are family farmers with both dairy animals (cows, bulls & calves) and other livestock breeds like pigs or goats; if you need something for breakfast or dinner, just ask! The best way to get to us is by car, as we are located at the end of the road. Not only do you have access to electricity, but you also have wifi throughout the property, which means there are no more excuses when it's time for a Netflix marathon on rainy days ;) There's also plenty of outdoor space, so¹

Pitch in Gescher #1Gescher

YOUR bed in the cornfield - a pitch for the camper directly on the cornfield and the tributary of the Heubach:
We are a family farm with dairy cows and their offspring (cattle, bulls and calves), so m...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Tents and Caravan

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