Private place in Hamburg

In the middle of the green and yet central! Wonderful location in Hamburg. The conditions, with free view into the green you can start refreshed into the day. From our camping site you have a great panorama: next to shady trees that provide shade or partial shade all year round, so you can keep a cool head during your breakfast coffee in the morning sun; around noon, when it's time for lunch, there are plenty of tables in shady places where you can relax - even when it's hot outside, thanks to these beds provided by nature around us, which offer shady areas where families can enjoy their meals together under cover, without pesky insects bothering them too much (or making children cry). In addition to this natural shelter we also offer connections for caravans¹

Private place in HamburgHamburg

In the middle of the green and yet central ! Wonderful location in the south of Hamburg.

The conditions

With an unobstructed view of the greenery, you can start the day comfortably. While having cof...

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