distant view at the edge of field or forest

The idyllic meadow near our Röschenhof in Wangen is the perfect place for campers to experience nature up close. While you camp on the open field or forest edge, you can walk through a small farm with cattle, pigs and many other animals. Need some bread? We have plenty! Guests can take water from the tap, but must remember that it is not potable, so don't drink too much without boiling it first. Waste can be disposed of in one of the two trash cans at the campsite - please help us keep things tidy at all times!¹

distant view at the edge of field or forestStühlingen

We offer a pitch on an idyllic meadow or forest edge. The site is located near our Röschenhof in Wangen.
It can be camped either on the open field edge or on the edge of the forest.
We run a small far...

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Suitable for Motorhomes, Caravan and Tents

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